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Quick Summary on Scientology from Alt.Religion.Scientology

We believe the Church of Scientology to be dangerous for three main reasons:

1. It's an exploitative business: While claiming to be a religion, Scientology behaves strikingly like a business and cult. It harasses its members into signing up for courses that can cost many thousands of dollars. Indeed, to reach the higher etchelons of the church can cost up to $300,000. For most, this is well beyond their reach and many either bankrupt themselves in the search of religious truth or join the OSA. The OSA is the 'staff' of the church. Some work up to 85 hours a week for $40 - ths is church policy. It does all this while, in many countries, claiming tax relief designed for not-for-profit organisations.

2. How it treats its critics: Critics of Scientology are known by its members as 'supressive persons' or SPs. These SPs, the churches sacred texts state, are subject to a policy know as 'fair game'. Under this policy they may be:

deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed

Many members of anonymous have been declared SPs and, as such, have been threatened, physically attacked, had PIs stalk them and been arrested on charges that have later been shown to be completly false. Worse still is the case of Shawn Lonsdale, one of the most vocally outspoken critics of Scientology. After being fair-gamed for years, including famously on the BBC Documentary 'Scientology & Me', he died in February this year under highly suspicious circumstances.

3. How it treats its members: Scientology has an appalling and tragic record of human rights breaches towards its members. The children of Scientology members are often shipped to the Clearwater, Scientology's HQ, where they are set to work on manual labour tasks, often deprived of a normal education and, in too many cases, physically abused. Visit to hear from people who've grown up with this as a norm. Amnesty International is currently investigating some of the worse abuses.

This policy of physical and mental control of members continues on into adulthood. Scientology members are not allowed to take drugs designed to treat psychological conditions, are routinely given a form of electric shock therapy and, if they try to leave the church may be declared an SP. Lisa McPherson, a Scientology member, was involved in a minor traffic accident. In less than a month she was dead, her body riddled with insect bites, from dehydration under Scientology 'care': visit for more details.

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  1. Ron's Journals 28-36-38-39-67 (Tape)(Audio) LEAK
  2. I.A.S. Reshaping The Destiny of Earth(DVD) '06 LEAKY
  3. The Time Track of Theta(More On The History of Man Lectures)('88 Tape) '52
  4. The PTS-SP Course Lectures(How To Confront And Shatter Suppression)(Tape) '63-'66
  5. Can We Ever Be Friends(Tape) '85 (Audio) LEAK Scilon disconnection propaganda LEAK
  6. FLAG World Tour(DVD) 2005 LEAKISH
  7. The Whole Track(A Series of Lectures) ANONLEAK
  8. The Philadelphia Doctorate Course Lectures(PDC)('80 Tape) '52 LEEEAKKKK
  9. The Life Continuum Lectures(Tape) '51 LEAK
  10. The Establishment Officer Lectures(ESTO)(Confidential)(Tape) '72 THUP3R THEEKR3T LEAK
  11. Mission Earth(Edgar Winter)(CD) '89 WTFLEAK
  12. One Man(VHS Birthday Music Video) '92. LEAKLULZ
  13. Diana Hubb. - Lifetimes(Vinyl) '79 LEAK
  14. Battlefield Earth Book Soundtrack(A New Soundtrack To The Book!!)Yup G4Y-But LEAKNESS
  15. The Technique 80 Lectures(The Route To Infinity)('88 Tape) '52 LEAKLEAK
  16. Full 15 cds set of the first Scientology Congress
  17. The Road To Freedom(CD/VHS) '86 LEAKNESS
  18. The Milestone One Lectures(Or The Dawn of Immortality)('97 Tape) '52 AUDIO LEAK
  19. Super Scio - Master List of LRH Tapes

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Textbook example of how to debate a Scilon

Albertn wrote:
While the article is of great interest, i think what really tells the story of scientology is the comments that turn up in articles like this. You look at the comments that come from the anonymous camp. You have links to videos, audio, the protest planning sites. All comments focused not on scientologists, not on their right to believe, just on policies which are at the very least questionable, and in some cases blatantly illegal. You have that individual in the video, saying plainly, go to scientology websites, see their side of the story, then hear what critics and ex members have to say.

Then you look at the comments from scientologists. These fall into two catagories. Comments which attempt to discredit the source of opposition, and comments which operate under the scientology principal 'whats true is whats true for you' or in english ' it did not happen to me, therefore it does not happen.' I have been a scientologist for xx years and i have never been forced to disconnect', therefore disconnection does not happen. Better yet is you have scientology PR officials denying disconnection even exists, even though its listed on their own website. This is a very deeply flawed logical concept. But it is useful in that using this principal, any acts of abuse or illegality that are raised can be easily dismissed. I have never seen an introspection rundown, therefore, it does not exist. The introspection rundown, for those who are curious, including scientologists, is the method of dealing with a perceived mental breakdown, what is known in scientolgy as a 'type3pts'. The introspection rundown demands the individual be locked in a room, and refused communication of all kinds bar blinking until they become sane via well, introspection.
Getting past the obvious issue of being held against your will, it sounds not too bad huh. Tell that to the Martine Boubile, who was stripped down to a t shirt, locked in a room for six weeks, forced to live in her own feces and who was rescued after neighbours noticed scrawled help notes she had thrown from a hold in her sealed window. Watch the reaction of the officer who rescued her to the situation. Watch as the head of french scientology is confronted with a copy of the introspection rundown by a reporter.
YouTube - M6 - Scientology France Investigation - ENGLISH (Part 1)

Its a curious thing about scientologists, that they are incapable of seeing the irony, nay folly of their logic. In the time i have been looking on this, that is the thing that makes me wonder the most about whether there really is mental conditioning going on. How can scientologists be trained rigorously on the idea that if want correct information on something, you must get it from the source (flawed idea btw and the reason scientologists will rant excessively that you get info on them from them and nowhere else ) yet at the same time, fight a massive war on the field of psychiatry, with pickets, congressional pushes, the works, all based on information given to them by scientology. How they can see six months of protests which focus on illegal acts and policies proven in court and reported by ex members yet still scream that their beliefs and individuals are being persecuted. How they can accept scientology's claims about protesters, journalists even when the FBI blows them out of the water. This is because, in scientology, the only source of GOOD DATA is scientology itself. Any other source of information is by definition incorrect. Ex scientologists that speak out are bitter, because they could no advance in the church. Watch recently ex scientology poster boy and actor Jason Beghe in a 8 part interview about how he came into, advanced through and ultimately chose to leave scientology, because he was told his near fatal car accident was caused by his knowing a gay person. This was a man so beloved in the church he did voice overs for most of their in church material.
Scientology: 1/8 Jason Beghe Interview on Vimeo

Protesters are religious bigots, or terrorists, or working for big pharma, or jobless losers. Etc etc etc.

It just makes me laugh, that a group that take the word science into their name, would so employ the opposite of scientific method. That their defining argument, against all criticism , against all proof is.

But scientologists don't have to go on just a say so, they get shown nice glossy videos made by the church, which explain everything! That bbc reporter? Scientology made a documentary all about him, it even suggests the bbc organised anti scientology protests at which death threats were made.
BBC Panorama Exposed

Those masked protesters? They get a video too!
Anonymous Exposed

You see, scientologists don't have to go to all that bother of actually impartially coming to a conclusion, because scientology will have researched the subject, gathered all the data, and presented it to them in an easy to digest manner! Its very considerate. It does not matter if the accusations in the videos are proved utterly false. Because whoever prove it false must also by association be giving bad data. Watch the hilarity as scientology spokesman tommy davis begins spouting the accusations against protesters only to be blown out of the water by the cnn reporter, who using forethought, contacted the FBI regarding scientology's claims.
YouTube - Scientologist Tommy Davis responds to Anonymous

And yet scientologists are still desperately spouting about the same accusations. Because it is all they have. They are torn between two conflicting images of protesters being thrown out by the church. On the one hand, they paint the protesters as elite cyber terrorists, planting bombs and sending anthrax in the mail. On the other hand they want people to think they are bored jobless losers, with nothing better to do. The two ideas are, one might say, mutually exclusive. And yet they will happily push both ideas at once, and see no error in that logic.

Now lets just look at one of the comments to this article. Saying scientologists are following protesters is ridiculous because gas is expensive.

Protester being followed for 15 minutes.
YouTube - Scientologist Following Anonymous to Car Part 2

BBC reporter John Sweeney was followed repeatedly during the making of this documentary on scientology, which can be seen in in full here.
Scientology and Me | Veoh Video Network

Scientology PI caught.
YouTube - Scientology: Magnum P.I. WANT TO BE LOL LOL LOL

Scientology is a massively wealthy organisation, due to the massive sums it charges for religious services. It has blown, and continues to blow vast sums of money on investigators to silence critics.

As a final note, here is a fun game for low level scientologists in the audience to play. As a scientologist you have no doubt heard the voice of l ron hubbard, used in many of the groups audio delivered works. To put it mildly, its distinctive. You also know as a scientologist that all reports that aliens and this 'xenu' character have any part in scientology is a lie. Ex members and protesters who talk about it are liars. Yet cast your ear , i ask you, onto this wikileak, the audio file of the lecture which discusses xenu in detail. Before you click, consider this paradox. If a person finds out the contents of this lecture, OT3, without being prepared for it, they will die. Yet all the critics know about it, and are living quite well. Therefore it must be a forgery, and as such a lie. Therefore there is no harm in listening to it. And yet i know, that if you do listen to it, when you get to OT3 and find yourself listening to this exact same file, you are going to have a moment of realisation. That scientology lied to you. Frankly, no one cares that aliens are in scientology. That's not the issue. The issue is that if you ask right now, a fellow scientologist at OT 3 or higher, if this is part of scientology, they will say no to you, and thus lie to you. Its not a lie when an OT2 or lower says it, because to them, that is the truth, and there is no greater lie than a lie told by one who believes it to be the truth.

Scientology is what i like to think of as a stage one religion. Every religion has its stage one. Where dogma is absolute. Back once upon a time people took the idea of stoning people to death for planting two different crops side by side, just because it was in the bible. That's how scientology is right now. It's based on absolute adherence to dogma.

The second stage of scientology already exists, scientology practised outside of scientology, known as the freezone. These guys are actually incredibly reasonable. If organised scientology acted like the feeezone, there would be no protests.

Watch if nothing else, this fantastic documentary a comedian did when he wanted to research scientology but was told to get lost by scientology. It shows the truth, that freezoners are a bright, reasonable bunch of people, looking to make their lives and the lives of others better.
YouTube - The Beginners Guide to L. Ron Hubbard (1/6)

And what's really amazing is that scientologists watching this, if they dare to, will say, hey.... That's what we are doing. Why does everyone think we are such a bunch of bad guys and these guys are great.


But until you begin to impartially examine accusations against your church as an organisation, we have to do it for you. We are the ones asking you to get precautionary health checks if you have been on the freewinds, because of the asbestos exposure risk. What is the church management telling you. THERE IS NO ASBESTOS. Even though the dock company sealed the ship because of exposure to it and it was reported in local papers. Even though the shipping insurance companies have confirmed it. Scientologists will still believe whatever scientology says about the situation.

Believing scientology managements explanation without a shred of doubt, in the face of absolute proof from multiple impartial expert sources is not evidence of faith, it is proof of blind faith. Even scientology admits that actions in the past which brought the church into disrepute, such as operation snow white we caused by corrupt leadership. And yet no scientologist today will even consider the idea that the same thing is happening today. That the principals which lie at the core of a scientologist's life could be being perverted by their leadership in the justification of unspeakable acts against both faithful and critics. Their blinkers are on. Their trust is absolute. The very act of doubt itself is a crime.

That is why i protest. I protest for scientology without the introspection rundown or fair game harassment of critics. I protest for a church of scientology that can say without shame, yes, aliens are acknowledged as part of the background history of scientology, is it any crazier than another religion? I protest for a scientology that will honestly say, no, eventually scientology is not compatible with other religions. I protest for a scientology that wont harass and demonise freezoners an ex members. I protest for a scientology that will accept others choices to seek psychiatric solutions rather than their own. I protest for a scientology that does not need to lie. That accepts accountability for its errors, which is transparent and just, and which lives up to the talk it so willingly talks in the public eye.

And if any scientologist who has read the creed of scientology and is worth their salt, does not pick up a sign and stand beside us, with ex members and freezoners, then the shame is theirs, and theirs alone.


albertn wrote:
Chewie, you prove my argument for me from start to finish. What terrifies scientology more than anything. What terrifies people like you to your very core, is not a screaming bigot, which panders to a victim complex, and which allows you to justify all critical thought as baseless or invalid, what terrifies you is a voice of opposition free of hate. Because when you fight such a voice, by calling it a bigot, it is you who are unreasonable.

I don't actually like blogs myself. Don't have one. Don't visit them. It seems somewhat off topic.

I care not whether I get traction with scientologists or not, though I find it interesting that you can claim to speak for all scientologists. But by all means, do start. Point out the lies. Point out the propaganda. I invite you. I beg you. Tell me how a recorded incident of kidnapping is a lie or propaganda. Tell me how video interviews with ex scientologists is lies and propaganda.

It's lies and propaganda, because you are told it is lies and propaganda. Because the church is right and everyone else is wrong. And notice, I call it a church freely. I think its interesting, and you an agree or disagree with this if you like. Let us imagine two realities. In one, L ron hubbard was a con artist. A fraud. A flim flam man using mental conditioning. In the other, he was a gifted man, who say things about the mind no one else did.

Hubbard himself often spoke of the dangers of the misapplication of dianetics. He warned that mis used, it could create a world that would make orwell's 1984 look like a joke. He even claimed both the us government and communist russia tried to get a hold of dianetics for black purposes.

Would you not say then, that something which both protesters and scientologists views would agree on is that 'the tech' should be carefully monitored to prevent incorrect application. That any accusation of misuse should be followed up by an independent body? The potential for abuse is just as valid as with any 1 on 1 psychotherapy situation, except that according to scientology the tech is much more powerful, and much more dangerous if misapplied. So surely transparency, and heavy investigation of accusations of abuse should occur. They should be treated with absolute seriousness.

But whats the reality, I link you to a video about a woman being kidnapped from france, and treated horiffically, with police reaction in the video. With reaction from scientology in the video. With reaction from the woman herself in the video. And the reaction from organized scientology is just like yours. Dismissal. How is scientology supposed to be trusted to regulate and report abuses, when one is uncovered with a massive volume of evidence, and is scoffed at and cast aside.
Tell me, tell the world, why we should trust that there aren't hundreds of people locked up in rooms across the world in the same conditions, when this is scientology's reaction to this incident. Tell me what that speaks of integrity and self respect. Of a world without crime and insanity.

And fyi chewie. Not only do I not hate scientologists. I think the concept of auditing is pretty interesting. I think you guys have totally messed up in your mission to clear the planet. When hubbard was blown out of the water by the psychology community in the 40's - 50's he acted like a child and declared them the absolute enemy. This was a huge mistake. How many modern therapies in psychology do you think would have been approved by a board of 1940's psychologists.

Art therapy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Psychotherapeutic Postural Integration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They would have been blown out of the water twice as fast as auditing.

The fact is, I think if you extract all the BS and promises about having perfect memory and vision when going clear there is a pretty workable psychotherapy inside auditing as I saw it in the freezone video. A method of desensitizing an individual to past traumatic incidents, through repeatedly running through the emotional incident until it no longer generates an emotional response , as demonstrated not my the person, who can lie and say they feel all better, but rather by mechanical means, preventing the person from lying to themselves, as it were.

So yeah, the moral is, the more you call me a bigot, the less credible your argument gets.

So have fun with that.

I hope you can gather up the 'confront' to watch those interviews, and start fighting to make the scientology that you experience, the scientology that everyone experiences.